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Prescription(RX) Drugs Alhpabetical List:
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E.e.s.Abbott Laboratories
E.e.sArbor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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Econazole NitrateE. Fougera & Co. A Division Of Nycomed Us Inc.
Econazole NitratePerrigo New York, Inc.
Econazole NitratePhysicians Total Care, Inc.
Econazole NitratePrasco Laboratories
Econazole NitrateRebel Distributors Corp
Econazole NitrateTaro Pharmaceuticals U.s.a., Inc.
EconochlorAlcon Laboratories, Inc.
EconopredAlcon Laboratories, Inc.
EconopredAlcon Laboratories, Inc.
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Ed-spazEdwards Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
EdarbiTakeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.
EdecrinAton Pharma, Inc.
EdecrinMerck And Co.
EdluarMeda Pharmaceuticals Inc.
EdluarMeda Pharmaceuticals
EdurantCentocor Ortho Biotech
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Eemt H.s.Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Eemt H.s.Physicians Total Care, Inc.
Ef Top of Page |
Effexorxr Extended-releaseCardinal Health
Effexorxr Extended-releaseRebel Distributors Corp
Effexorxr Extended-releaseWyeth Pharmaceuticals Company
EffexorxrLake Erie Medical Dba Quality Care Products Llc
EffexorxrPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EffexorxrStat Rx Usa
EffexorWyeth Pharmaceuticals Company
EffientEli Lilly And Company
EffientPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EfudexValeant Pharmaceuticals International
Eg Top of Page |
Egg WhiteNelco Laboratories, Inc.
Egg WhiteNelco Laboratories, Inc.
Egg WhiteNelco Laboratories, Inc.
Egg WhiteNelco Laboratories, Inc.
EgriftaEmd Serono, Inc.
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ElapraseShire Us Manufacturing Inc.
EldeprylSomerset Pharmaceuticals Inc.
EldeprylSomerset Pharmaceuticals Inc.
ElestatAllergan, Inc.
ElestrinAzur Pharma Inc.
ElidelNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
ElidelPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EligardSanofi-aventis U.s. Llc
ElitekSanofi-aventis U.s. Llc
ElixophyllineForest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ElixophyllinCaraco Pharma, Inc.
EllaWatson Pharma, Inc.
EllencePharmacia And Upjohn Company
Elliotts BQol Medical Llc
ElmironOrtho-mcneil Pharmaceuticals
ElmironOrtho-mcneil-janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ElmironPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EloconPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EloconSchering Corporation
EloconSchering Corporation
EloconSchering Corporation
EloxatinAventis Pharma Ltd.
EloxatinSanofi-aventis U.s. Llc
EloxatinSanofi-aventis U.s. Llc
ElsparLundbeck Inc.
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EmadineAlcon Laboratories, Inc.
EmbedaKing Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
EmbedaStat Rx Usa Llc
EmcytPharmacia And Upjohn Company
EmendMerck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
EmendMerck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
EmendPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EmlaApp Pharmaceuticals, Llc
EmoquetteQualitest Pharmaceuticals
EmsamDey Pharma, L.p.
EmtrivaExcella Gmbh
EmtrivaGilead Sciences, Inc.
EmtrivaState Of Florida Doh Central Pharmacy
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EnablexNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
EnablexPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EnablexWarner Chilcott (us), Llc
Enalapril Maleate And HydrochlorothiazideApotex Corp.
Enalapril Maleate And HydrochlorothiazideDr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited
Enalapril Maleate And HydrochlorothiazideEon Labs, Inc.
Enalapril Maleate And HydrochlorothiazideMed Health Pharma, Llc
Enalapril Maleate And HydrochlorothiazideMed Health Pharma
Enalapril Maleate And HydrochlorothiazideMylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Enalapril Maleate And HydrochlorothiazidePhysicians Total Care, Inc.
Enalapril Maleate And HydrochlorothiazideRebel Distributors Corp
Enalapril Maleate And HydrochlorothiazideTeva Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc
Enalapril Maleate And HydrochlorothiazideTaro Pharmaceuticals U.s.a., Inc.
Enalapril MaleateAmerican Health Packaging
Enalapril MaleateApace Packaging
Enalapril MaleateApotex Corp.
Enalapril MaleateBryant Ranch Prepack
Enalapril MaleateBryant Ranch Prepack
Enalapril MaleateCardinal Health
Enalapril MaleateContract Pharmacy Services-pa
Enalapril MaleateContract Pharmacy Services-pa
Enalapril MaleateEon Labs, Inc.
Enalapril MaleateGolden State Medical Supply, Inc.
Enalapril MaleateMed Health Pharma, Llc
Enalapril MaleateMed Health Pharma, Llc
Enalapril MaleateMylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Enalapril MaleateNcs Healthcare Of Ky, Inc Dba Vangard Labs
Enalapril MaleatePhysicians Total Care, Inc.
Enalapril MaleateRemedyrepack Inc.
Enalapril MaleateRebel Distributors Corp
Enalapril MaleateState Of Florida Doh Central Pharmacy
Enalapril MaleateState Of Florida Doh Central Pharmacy
Enalapril MaleateTeva Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc
Enalapril MaleateTaro Pharmaceuticals U.s.a., Inc.
Enalapril MaleateTaro Pharmaceuticals U.s.a., Inc.
Enalapril MaleateUdl Laboratories, Inc.
Enalapril MaleateWockhardt Usa Llc
Enalapril MaleateWatson Laboratories Inc.
EnalaprilatBedford Laboratories
EnalaprilatCardinal Health
EnalaprilatHospira, Inc.
EnalaprilatMayne Pharma (usa) Inc.
EnalaprilatTeva Parenteral Medicines, Inc
EnalaprilatWest-ward Pharmaceutical Corp
EnbrelImmunex Corp
EnbrelPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
Endacof PdpdLarken Laboratories, Inc.
Endacof-cLarken Laboratories, Inc.
EndacofdhLarken Laboratories, Inc.
EndocetBlenheim Pharmacal, Inc.
EndocetEndo Pharmaceuticals Inc. Dba Endo Generic Products
EndocetStat Rx Usa Llc
EndodanEndo Pharmaceuticals Inc
EndodanStat Rx Usa Llc
EndometrinFerring Pharmaceuticals Inc.
EnduronylAbbott Laboratories
EnfluranePiramal Critical Care Inc.
Engerix-bDispensing Solutions Inc.
EnhancerMallinckrodt Inc.
EnjuviaDuramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
EnjuviaPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
Enlon PlusBioniche Pharma Usa Llc
Enlon-plusBaxter Healthcare Corporation
EnlonBaxter Healthcare Corporation
EnlonBioniche Pharma Usa Llc
Enoxaparin SodiumCardinal Health
Enoxaparin SodiumSandoz Inc
EnpresseBarr Laboratories Inc.
EnpressePhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EnpresseRebel Distributors Corp
EnteregAdolor Corporation
Entocortec EcPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EntocortecPrometheus Laboratories Inc
Entre-bAcella Pharmaceuticals
Entre-sBrookstone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
EntrobarMallinckrodt Inc.
EnuloseActavis Mid Atlantic Llc
EnuloseActavis Mid Atlantic Llc
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EovistBayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Ep Top of Page |
Ephedrine SulfateSandoz Inc.
EphinephrineGeneral Injectables & Vaccines, Inc
EpiduoGalderma Laboratories, L.p.
EpiduoPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
Epiflur TmEpic Pharma, Llc
EpifoamAlaven Pharmaceutical Llc
EpiklorEpic Pharma, Llc
Epinastine HclCypress Pharmaceutical, Inc.
EpinephrineAmphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
EpinephrineAmphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
EpinephrineGeneral Injectables And Vaccines, Inc.
EpinephrineGeneral Injectables & Vaccines, Inc
EpinephrineGeneral Injectables & Vaccines, Inc
EpinephrineGreenstone Llc
EpinephrineMckesson Packaging Services Business Unit Of Mckesson Corporation
EpinephrineMckesson Packaging Services Business Unit Of Mckesson Corporation
EpinephrinePhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EpinephrinePhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EpipenDey Pharma L.p.
EpipenPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
Epirubicin HydrochlorideApp Pharmaceuticals, Llc
Epirubicin HydrochlorideBedford Laboratories
Epirubicin HydrochlorideGeneramedix, Inc.
Epirubicin HydrochlorideGreenstone, Llc
Epirubicin HydrochlorideHospira Worldwide, Inc.
Epirubicin HydrochlorideHospira, Inc.
Epirubicin HydrochlorideOtn Generics Inc.
Epirubicin HydrochlorideSagent Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Epirubicin HydrochlorideSandoz Inc
Epirubicin HydrochlorideTeva Parenteral Medicines, Inc
EpitolTeva Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc
EpivirhbvGlaxosmithkline Llc
EpivirBryant Ranch Prepack
EpivirGlaxosmithkline Llc
EpivirKaiser Foundation Hospitals
EpivirPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EpivirRebel Distributors Corp
EpivirState Of Florida Doh Central Pharmacy
EpivirViiv Healthcare Company
EplerenoneEon Labs, Inc.
EplerenoneGreenstone Llc
EplerenonePhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EpogenAmgen, Inc
Epoprostenol SodiumTeva Parenteral Medicines, Inc
EpzicomGlaxosmithkline Llc
EpzicomPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EpzicomState Of Florida Doh Central Pharmacy
EpzicomViiv Healthcare Company
Eq Top of Page |
EquagesicMikart, Inc.
EquetroValidus Pharmaceuticals Llc
Er Top of Page |
ErbituxImclone Llc
ErgocalciferolAmerican Health Packaging
ErgocalciferolBreckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc.
ErgocalciferolBryant Ranch Prepack
ErgocalciferolPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
ErgocalciferolPliva Inc.
ErgocalciferolRising Pharamceuticals, Inc
ErgocalciferolWinthrop U.s.
Ergoloid MesylatesIvax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Ergoloid MesylatesMutual Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.
Ergotamine Tartrate And CaffeineKaiser Foundation Hospitals
Ergotamine Tartrate And CaffeineMikart, Inc
ErgotamineWest-ward Pharmaceutical Corp.
ErrinBarr Laboratories Inc.
ErtaczoRebel Distributors Corp.
Ery-tabAbbott Laboratories
Ery-tabArbor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Ery-tabKaiser Foundation Hospitals
Ery-tabPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
Ery-tabRebel Distributors Corp
ErycWarner Chilcott (us), Inc.
ErycWarner Chilcott (us), Llc
Eryped 200Abbott Laboratories
Erythra-dermPaddock Laboratories, Inc.
Erythrocin LactobionateHospira, Inc.
Erythrocin LactobionateHospira, Inc.
Erythrocin StearateAbbott Laboratories
Erythromycin And Benzoyl PeroxideSandoz Inc.
Erythromycin Base FilmtabAbbott Laboratories
Erythromycin Base FilmtabRebel Distributors Corp
Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate And Sulfisoxazole AcetylDuramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate And Sulfisoxazole AcetylPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate And Sulfisoxazole AcetylPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate And Sulfisoxazole AcetylRebel Distributors Corp
Erythromycin EthylsuccinateAbbott Laboratories
Erythromycin EthylsuccinateAbbott Laboratories
Erythromycin EthylsuccinatePhysicians Total Care, Inc.
Erythromycin-benzoyl PeroxidePerrigo
Erythromycin-benzoyl PeroxidePhysicians Total Care, Inc.
Erythromycinbase FilmtabPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
ErythromycinAbott Laboratories
ErythromycinAkorn, Inc.
ErythromycinBausch & Lomb Incorporated
ErythromycinCardinal Health
ErythromycinE. Fougera & Co., A Division Of Nycomed Us Inc.
ErythromycinE. Fougera & Co., A Division Of Nycomed Us Inc.
ErythromycinE. Fougera & Co.
ErythromycinE. Fougera & Co.
ErythromycinFera Pharmaceuticals
ErythromycinMorton Grove Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ErythromycinPerrigo New York Inc
ErythromycinPerrigo New York, Inc.
ErythromycinPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
ErythromycinPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
ErythromycinPreferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc
ErythromycinRebel Distributors Corp
ErythromycinStat Rx Usa Llc
ErythromycinStat Rx Usa
ErythromycinStat Rx Usa
ErythromycinVersapharm Incorporated
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Esgic-plusForest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
EsidrixCiba-geigy Corporation
Esmolol HydrochlorideBaxter Healthcare Corporation
Esmolol HydrochlorideBedford Laboratories
Esmolol HydrochlorideBedford Laboratories
Esmolol HydrochlorideBioniche Pharma Usa Llc
Esmolol HydrochlorideGeneral Injectables & Vaccines, Inc
EsmololGeneral Injectables & Vaccines, Inc
EstazolamPar Pharmaceutical Inc.
EstazolamPar Pharmaceutical Inc
EstazolamRebel Distributors Corp
EstazolamTeva Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc
EstazolamWatson Laboratories, Inc.
Esterified Estrogens And MethyltestosteroneAmneal Pharmaceuticals
Esterified Estrogens And MethyltestosteroneTal Pharma Llc
EstraceBristol-myers Squibb Co.
EstracePhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EstracePhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EstraceWarner Chilcott (us), Llc
EstraceWarner Chilcott (us), Llc
EstradermNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
EstradermNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Estradiol / Norethindrone AcetateBreckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Estradiol ValeratePaddock Laboratories, Inc.
Estradiol ValerateSandoz Inc
EstradiolBarr Laboratories Inc.
EstradiolCardinal Health
EstradiolCaremark L.l.c.
EstradiolHeritage Pharmaceuticals Inc
EstradiolKaiser Foundation Hospitals
EstradiolMed Health Pharma, Llc
EstradiolMylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
EstradiolMylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
EstradiolPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EstradiolPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EstradiolRebel Distributors Corp
EstradiolStat Rx Usa
EstrasorbEsprit Pharma
EstrasorbGraceway Pharmaceuticals, Llc
EstringPharmacia And Upjohn Company
EstringPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EstrogelAscend Therapeutics, Inc.
EstropipateBarr Laboratories Inc.
EstropipateMylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
EstropipatePhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EstropipateWatson Laboratories, Inc.
Estrostep FeWarner Chilcott (us), Llc
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Ethambutol HydrochlorideAmerican Health Packaging
Ethambutol HydrochlorideBarr Laboratories Inc.
Ethambutol HydrochlorideLupin Pharmaceuticals Inc
Ethambutol HydrochlorideRemedyrepack Inc.
Ethambutol HydrochlorideState Of Florida Doh Central Pharmacy
EthambutolPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EthambutolVersapharm Incorporated
EthamolinQol Medical, Llc.
EthiodolSavage Laboratories
EthmozineShire Us Inc.
EthosuximideMikart, Inc.
EthosuximidePliva Inc.
EthosuximideTeva Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc
EthosuximideVersapharm Incorporated
EthyolMedimmune, Llc
Etidronate DisodiumGenpharm Inc.
Etidronate DisodiumMylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
EtodolacActavis Elizabeth Llc
EtodolacApotex Corp.
EtodolacBryant Ranch Prepack
EtodolacEon Labs, Inc.
EtodolacGenpharm Inc.
EtodolacLake Erie Medical Dba Quality Care Products Llc
EtodolacMylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
EtodolacPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EtodolacPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EtodolacRemedyrepack Inc.
EtodolacRemedyrepack Inc.
EtodolacRebel Distributors Corp
EtodolacStat Rx Usa Llc
EtodolacTeva Pharmaceuticals Usa
EtodolacTeva Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc
EtodolacTeva Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc
EtodolacTaro Pharmaceuticals U.s.a., Inc.
EtomidateAmerican Regent, Inc.
EtomidateBedford Laboratories
EtomidateBedford Laboratories
EtomidateEbewe Parenta Pharmaceuticals Inc
EtomidatePharmaforce, Inc.
EtopophosE.r. Squibb & Sons, L.l.c.
EtoposideAccord Healthcare Inc.
EtoposideBedford Laboratories
EtoposideBedford Laboratories
EtoposideMylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Eu Top of Page |
EulexinSchering Corporation
Euraxlotion And CreamRanbaxy Laboratories Inc.
EuraxBristol-myers Squibb
Ev Top of Page |
EvamistPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EvamistTher-rx Corporation
EvistaEli Lilly And Company
EvistaPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
EvoclinStiefel Laboratories Inc
EvoclinStiefel Laboratories Inc
EvoxacDaiichi Sankyo Pharma Development
Ex Top of Page |
Exactacaintopical AnestheticOnset Dermatologics Llc
ExalgoMallinckrodt Inc (brand Pharmaceuticals)
Exall LiquidHawthorn Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ExalldHawthorn Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ExeclearcLarken Laboratories, Inc.
Exefen IrLarken Laboratories, Inc.
ExeldermBristol-myers Squibb Company
ExeldermBristol-myers Squibb Company
ExeldermRanbaxy Laboratories Inc.
ExeldermRanbaxy Laboratories Inc.
ExelonNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
ExelonNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
ExelonPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
ExelonPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
ExelonRebel Distributors Corp
ExemestaneGreenstone Llc
ExemestaneRoxane Laboratories, Inc
Exforge HctNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Exforge HctPhysicians Total Care, Inc.
ExforgeNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
ExforgePhysicians Total Care, Inc.
ExjadeNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
ExpectussliquidCenturion Labs, Llc
ExtaviaNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Extended Phenytoin SodiumAmerican Health Packaging
Extended Phenytoin SodiumAmneal Pharmaceuticals, Llc
Extended Phenytoin SodiumMajor Pharmaceuticals
ExtinaStiefel Laboratories Inc
ExtranealBaxter Healthcare Corporation
ExuberaPfizer Inc.
Ez Top of Page |
Ez-ox PlusAir Liquide America L.p.
Ez-ox PlusAir Liquide America Specialty Gases Llc
Ez-ox PlusAir Liquide Healthcare America Corporation
Ez-oxAir Liquide America L.p.
Ez-oxAir Liquide America Specialty Gases Llc
Ez-oxAir Liquide Healthcare America Corporation

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